Quantum Reality

Because the more you know, the more you grow.

The more you know, the more you grow. These workshops are intended to expand your perception of the world you live in, of what is possible and how to find out yourself. Combining education, resources and tools that you can implement immediately, these workshops are created to empower Humans to tap into  their inherent quantum powers. 

The Science of Mindfulness

As Above, So Below - this workshop will give you the 

The Science of Intentions & The Power of 8

Energy Medicine

Workshops are designed dependent on duration, location (in person or online) and number of participants. Please contact me directly for more information. 



The Science of Mindfulness is a great place to start but for those who are wanting to go deeper into 'quantum reality' and learn more, here we will go into depth over 6 weeks as we incorporate what is covered each week, into a daily routine. 

Energy Medicine & Reiki Practitioner/Teacher Training

*I am currently updating the curriculum. Please contact me for details or check back here soon. Expected completion: February 26th, 2021.