Workshops are ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring a perspective of this world that is intended to share the mind-blowing scientific evidence of what we are capable of, and the tools to try it yourself. Workshops are created based on duration and number of participants.  Choose form one time condensed version (2 hours) or weekly workshops.

Workshops are customized according to participants including schools, corporations, hospitals and humanitarian organizations.  Small group sessions can choose from a variety of topics such as; the science of intentions and manifesting, everything is energy nights or learn about energy medicine with options to add custom flower essences, essential oil remedies or chakra tuning/alignments (for more information, visit the Energy Medicine page).


Full and half day workshops are available. For groups of eight or less, workshops can be hosted on The Mindfulness Bus.

The Science of Mindfulness

As Above, So Below

This easy to understand workshop is intended to provide the mind-blowing scientific evidence that shows what we are capable of and the life changing tools that can be incorporated into daily life. You will learn how this revolutionary work can change your life, the science shows; it as the potential to change everything. When an individual creates coherence, the ripple effect can be seen in those around us, creating social and global coherence.


The root cause of 90% of doctor visits and the number one cause of disability (depression), there is no better time to learn;

  • what we have been doing vs what we could be doing,

  • why stress is a global pandemic,

  • simple yet profound science-based tools to become resilient to stress.


"As Above"

hat the most relevant science on the planet shows us about how we interact with the quantum field along with the science behind The Law of Attraction,


"So Below" - the biology of our thoughts and emotions and the science that shows; we can heal ourselves and others,


Your Inherent Superpowers - the mind blowing world of quantum physics and what science is showing we are actually capable of.

Visit our Coaching and Training page, ideal for anyone who wants continued support after taking the workshop.

For workshop quotes, please contact us here. Please provide as much information as possible i.e., location, number of people, duration of workshop.

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