Mental Health - What in the world are we doing?

I believe we all have a story and one worth sharing - if more of us did this, perhaps we would understand how very much alike we actually are.  Perhaps we are all here to change the world in our own unique way.

Personally and professionally, I have had a variety of experiences that have given me a unique perspective in terms of what I have referred to as The World of Disabilities.  So much so, that I do not view sharing this perspective as a choice as it is a moral obligation. 

Drawing on statistics and research into some of the shocking truths to provide an alarming prediction of what society will look like if we don't consider rethinking what we are doing.

Some of what will be covered:

  • Following the money; who funded who and why we believe what we do,

  • The staggering statistics,

  • Biologically, there is a slim chance of future self reliance,

  • The system we fund and what we are agreeing to.

"No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it", Albert Einstein.

It wasn't enough to just see the problem - my research lead me to simple yet profound  solution too.  In my opinion, this disaster can be prevented and it starts with us looking and educating ourselves with an open mind to possibility.  This is how we evolve.

Some of what will be covered:

  • We have been programmed; the conscious vs subconscious mind,

  • The mind can make us sick but it can also make us better - the placebo effect vs chemicals,

  • Heart brain coherence; a shift in focus causes social and global coherence too; we are more powerful than we have been permitted to believe.

My purpose is to inspire and encourage; change through knowledge, change through tools and change through compassion, love and understanding. The science is undeniable; we are all connected and when we come together, we have the power to change the world.

© 2020 Stephanie Escott