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Whats in your home?
Look on the label of anything you consume - hair shampoos, conditioners, all cleaning products, your tooth paste. Many are realizing, what we once trusted, we can't. This is an opportunity to get rid of the junk and replace with pure plants and when you choose to share with others, you can earn an income with countless incentives including free oils, trips and creating a legacy business.
Why Young Living?
One Owner means, one person makes the decisions. This is how things get done. He also choose network marketing for a reason - people over profit.
- 25 years of growth at 30%
- 40% of members are Essential Rewards = 40% Retention Rate
(See below 'Why YL, Why You')
Seed to Seal
As an Energy Practitioner, I have used oils for years, mostly creating custom remedies. Then I researched Young Living and I was dumbfounded with their above-and-beyond level of commitment, integrity and purity. Then I used them and there is no going back. I believe; every human needs to go back to using what was put on this planet for us. It is time to ditch the poison and use what keeps us healthy and high vibing.
The most famous equation on the planet
Despite believing that we live in a physical world - the truth is; everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Physical matter, in the strictest construct of the word, does not exist. Just think about that - this is the quantum version of the world we live in. Your body is actually, 99.999999999999% energy.
Everything vibrates at different frequencies
The healthy human body vibrates between 62-70 MHz (approx, depending on source). What frequency do you think toxic chemicals vibrate at? Toxic means; it makes us sick. Check out the ingredients on any big corporate product and do a google search for "harmful effects of....". There is a reason why we are sicker than ever. Knowledge is power and we can choose better.
The Future Is Now
How do essential oils work?
Essential oils serve plants and humans in 4 main ways:
1. They bring nourishment and participate in metabolic processes
2. They help reduce inflammation and combat infection
3. They help provide and balance hormones
4. They repair damage at the cellular level
You vote with your dollar
I was already buying cleaning supplies, shampoo and conditioner, soap, make-up, vitamins, etc, etc. And now, I'm not much of a fan of shopping and I will avoid Amazon as much as possible. It just made sense to purchase everything I needed, at one place, on things I know are the best of the best with monthly incentives to share and get free oils. I could also choose to share, earn an income and build a legacy business ensuring my son will never worry about money. This, is freedom.
Let the oils speak for themselves....
You already recommend things you love to others; why not do it and get paid!
When you receive your kit, open it up and jump right in. The products speak for themselves - I see this as sharing, not selling.
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