Mindfulness Coaching

"As a man thinketh, so he becomes".

The easiest way to explain it is like this; we live in an energetic, holographic video game type reality. We perceive matter yet, matter in the strictest construct of the word, does not exist. We came here knowing there would be challenges to advance to the next level of consciousness, expecting that eventually, we would remember that we are in a game and that we are actually the controllers of the game. 


Our thoughts and emotions are our remote control - the "physical" reality mirrors back to us, the same quality of energy of the energy created by feeling those emotions. In order to change the "physical" reality, we must change the energy we are creating. Individually and collectively.

A good starting point is asking yourself; what must I believe to be true to be creating the reality I am experiencing. 

The human mind is programmed during the first seven years of life. Think of it like an operating system that is meant to serve them for the remainder of their life.  But with childhood trauma is also more prevalent than many could even fathom, a minimum of 70% of our thoughts are negative. Which means, we have a lot of adults moving though life with belief systems that are preventing them from living the greatest version of them.


Trauma changes the brain, it changes who we are, how we perceive others and the world around us. But it doesn't mean we can't delete the programs that were installed and take action to creating a reality more in alignment with who we were, before we were programmed. 

Thoughts and emotions don't just create your outer world, the trillions of cells in your body, also respond to the quality of emotions you feel. Hence, holographic universe.  Everything is energy, there is NOTHING else. 

Mindfulness Coaching is intended to shift your perspective, to open your mind to possibility and empowerment and, to give you the tools, resources and guidance to assist you on your journey to discovering; how powerful you really are.  Life can be the never ending evolution of self where we dance in harmony with consciousness, deliberately. 

Sessions include heart brain coherence training and biofeedback, before and after. Other modalities including Psych-K, energy medicine and Trauma-Informed Yoga will be incorporated if needed (see below). Coaching is ideal for youth and up and designed accordingly. 

Sessions are typically 2 hours; $150

Mindfulness Mentoring for Youth, 1 hr: $70

Coaching packages and group rates, please contact me for more information. 

Heart Brain Coherence Biofeedback Training

The ability to mindfully shift your state into higher levels of consciousness - this skill alone will make every Human resilient. It is the key to living mindfully. 

With over 27 years of data, the HeartMath Institute shows the following benefits:

  • ability to regulate your autonomic nervous system, also considered the "ultimate physiological state" as all systems in the body become coherent,

  • Increases immune function and cognition,

  • Decreases depression, anxiety and sleeplessness,

  • Creates an ideal balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system,

  • Allows you to tune into intuition, on demand,

  • Grows telomeres, essentially, extending life. 

This is the science of how you heal yourself but HeartMath took it further. Their research showed that when an individual is in coherence, they have the ability to bring others into coherence. This, is the science of how we help heal others. Even more? Why yes. HeartMath conducted a study where they took individuals, those who were could achieve coherence and those who knew nothing of it. They each had three vial of DNA and were asked to unravel them to different degrees and leave one untouched, using their intention. Those who were not in coherence were not able to, those who were did exactly as asked. ​

This is the power of our thoughts and emotions - they influence both your outer "physical" reality and, the trillions of cells in your body. 

The best part is; you will be able to see on a screen when you are in coherence. So simple, so profound. 


Using kinesiology, we are able to communicate with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is home to everything that you believe to be true.  Beliefs create our "physical" reality. During the first seven years of life, the brain is in a hypnotic state, downloading a program that is meant to serve us for the rest of our lives. But what if those beliefs are not true?  What if those beliefs came from someone who didn't know what they were doing and were wounded too? What if those beliefs are unknown and are preventing us from becoming who we want to be?  This is where Psych-K may be of benefit.