"The future of medicine will be frequency medicine." Einstein.

The future is now.

Afternoon Healing Sessions


Join me for an afternoon of healing on the Mindfulness Bus. Energy alignments are intended to help you hit reset and is ideally followed by a night of giving yourself the love, that so many of us spend so much of our time, giving to others. 

Stress is the root cause of 90% of doctor visits - you can expect to learn how to mindfully manage your autonomic nervous system with tools to implement immediately. Boost your immune system, digestive and hormonal system and the release of DHEA (youth hormone), all by choice. Considered the 'ultimate physiological state' to be in, it is accessible at any time, coherence training will show you on a screen when you are in brain and heart coherence. This state, when practiced regularly, will connect you to consciousness, giving you access to your intuition, on demand. 

The modalities used are intended as outside help, to assist you to heal emotional/energetic congestion and create coherence within the mind, body and soul.  It is imperative to know, the root cause of physical manifestations are energetic - emotions that were buried. Alignments may help to lead you to a clearer understanding of unprocessed situations. 

Alignments may include the following modalities:

  • Heart brain coherence, biofeedback training.  Also considered the 'ultimate physiological state', you will learn how to mindfully manage your autonomic nervous system, finding the perfect balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic function. This is the science of how you heal yourself, how you can help to heal others and ultimately, heal all of consciousness.

  • Biofield Tuning - Every human has and energy field around their body, bio, meaning life. This field is also a history of traumatic or challenging events throughout life. These events cause energy to get stuck in the biofield, instead of where they should be, in the appropriate chakra. Using a tuning fork (528 Hz, also considered the 'miracle frequency' and is said to repair DNA), I scan the biofield listening for dissonance, each one, representing either the male/father or female/mother, an approximate age and each tell a different story. The energy can then be 'swept' back into the chakra. 

  • Chakra Alignment - Using a weighted tuning fork, each chakra is tune into coherence.

  • Sonopuncture, like acupuncture but with vibrational frequencies, used to dissipate congested energy on other parts of the body.

  • Flower Essences -  Diluted in quartz infused water, essences focuses on emotions as well as the five elements of creation, water, air, fire, metal, wood and when needed, kinesiology is incorporated to determine appropriate tincture. 

  • Essential Oils/Aroma Therapy - The healthy human body vibrates between 62-70MHz. Aroma therapy naturally increases your frequency with different essences, addressing different imbalances. 

  • Tesla Violet Ray Device - Summary of effects; increase blood supply to given area, increase oxidation and local nutrition, increase oxygen in blood, increase intake of oxygen, increase output of carbon dioxide, increase secretions', increase elimination of waste products, injection of ozone into lungs and tissues, increase bodily heat, without corresponding rise in temperature, locally germicidal. 

  • Tools and resources for continued development, as needed. 

For those who wish to dig deeper regarding specific physical aliments, please advise prior to booking. 

Sessions are typically 3 hours in duration; $250

Existing clients, 2 hour sessions $175

Please note; sessions do tend to go over-time more so than not. 

Included is a 30 minute phone consultation prior to session. 

Please contact me here to schedule. 

Important Notice

Energy medicine works with the subtle energy fields in and around the body and is intended to encourage balance and coherence - ultimately, it is my belief that the power to improve ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self lays in the hands of the individual. You can expect to learn more about energy work so you can implement what works for you, into your daily practice.

From my perspective, energy medicine is secondary to energy psychology.  Finding the root cause of the energetic imbalance would be essential in sustaining energy alignments. 

Energy medicine is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner/doctor.