"The future of medicine will be frequency medicine." Einstein.

The future is now.

Based on quantum physic's, energy medicine makes sense. Given that at the very smallest measurement of existence, everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Physical manifestations are a result of energy that has been congested, each manifestation telling a story of energy that had nowhere else to go but needs to be looked at. 

Ultimately, the root cause of the congestion is what needs to be addressed, energy alignments are ideal for clients who are on a journey of self discovery mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Sessions combine a number of modalities to align your energetic body and field with tools that you can use immediately to continue healing after our meeting. 

Some of the modalities that may be incorporated (dependent on individual needs):

  • Before and after HRV biofeedback training enabling you to mindfully manage your autonomic nervous systems, finding perfect balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. 

  • Customized aromatherapy diagnosed depending on brain condition, i.e., fear, mental fatigue, bipolar, stress, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.

  • Custom prescribed flower essence therapy, addressing emotional imbalances with take home remedy,

  • Biochemic Prescribing, used to address specific imbalances in cell salts - this is used to address specific manifestations at the very smallest measurement. All humans are made up of 12 basic cell salts, every one deficient in 3. You can expect to learn more during our session. Kinesiology is used to confirm prescription. 

  • Biofield Tuning, the energetic field around your body is also a history of trauma or challenging times. This service aligns energy that left your body and got stuck, using 528 hz tuning fork, that energy can be 'swept' back into the appropriate chakra. Although it doesn't take away the events, it lessens the emotional response to them. 

  • Sonopuncture - like acupuncture, but with frequencies. Think of using resonance to break up the congested energy and tune all of the cells to resonate at the same coherent frequency. Also used for chakra alignments.

  • Telsa Violet Ray Device; can be used to treat specific areas or using the "vacuum" wand to fill your body with oxygen. This beauty was made in the early 1900's before the current medical system was implemented. 

Sessions are 2-3 hours. Clients are asked to drink water prior to session and it is suggested that after plans be minimized and include relaxation and mindfulness - $225.

If you are interested in training or workshops, including Reiki certification, you can learn more here.


Important Notice

Energy medicine works with the subtle energy fields in and around the body and is intended to encourage balance and coherence - ultimately, it is my belief that the power to improve ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self lays in the hands of the individual. You can expect to learn more about energy work so you can implement what works for you, into your daily practice.

From my perspective, energy medicine is secondary to energy psychology.  Finding the root cause of the energetic imbalance would be essential in sustaining energy alignments. 

Energy medicine is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner/doctor.