The Science of Mindfulness

Energy Medicine

"The future of medicine will be frequency medicine"

Albert Einstein


Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies - this is the basis of energy work.  While Mindfulness Coaching addresses thoughts and emotions that can lead to physical manifestations, energy medicine is intended to work on the subtle energies in and around the body.

Flower essence and aromatherapy offer additional opportunity create coherence in the mind, body and soul.



An Intro to Energy Medicine

This video explains more about how energy medicine works with a few of the modalities I use.

Frequency + Vibration = Sound Healing


Every Human has an energy field around their body also known as a biofield (bio meaning life). According to Dr. Vicor Inyushin who has done extensive research in HEF (Human Energy Field), he suggests the existence of a bioplasmic energy field composed of ion's, free protons and free electrons referring to the HEF as the fifth state of matter.


Using tuning forks, the energy field is scanned listening for dissonance (energy that is out of coherence) representing trauma or challenging events. Using a 528 Hz fork (also considered DNA repair and the "miracle" frequency), the energy can be moved back into the appropriate chakra resulting in lessening the emotional response of the memory. Clients often report feeling "lighter".


Everything is energy - physical manifestations are a result of energy (emotions) with no where to go. The result of bottled up emotions. Using weighed tuning forks, energy points are brought into resonance and congested energy is dissipated.

Appointments end with a chakra alignment.



Flower Essence Therapy + Aromatherapy are incorporated when requested. Please advise when you book your session (I will forward a list of basic remedies to choose from) . If you are wanting to work on something specific, please visit my 'conversations that matter' section to learn more about energy psychology (Psych-K® + HeartMath®). Ultimately, it is our beliefs that create what we experience - this is how you get to the root of the energy (emotions = energy in motion, or energy congested/not moving).

Sessions are 1.5 hours but it is suggested to leave 2 hours available (ideally, the remainder of your day). This work is about loving yourself and energy work is some of the most profound work you can do. You can expect to learn more about energy work during our time together with resources to follow when requested.

Important Notice

Energy medicine works with the subtle energy fields in and around the body and is intended to encourage balance and coherence - ultimately, it is my belief that the power to improve ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self lays in the hands of the individual. You can expect to learn more about energy work so you can implement what works for you, into your daily practice.

From my perspective, energy medicine is secondary to energy psychology.  Finding the root cause of the energetic imbalance would be essential in sustaining energy alignments. 

Energy medicine is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner/doctor.

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