"The future of medicine will be frequency medicine." Einstein.

The future is now.

Quantum Reality: e=mc2, everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies, including the Human body.

Energy medicine; because it just makes sense. Humans have the ability to heal themselves, to help heal others and ultimately, we have the ability to help heal Humanity. This isn't opinion, this is a scientific fact that you can expect to learn more about.

This service is two sessions. The first will be learning more with heart brain coherence education and training (the science of how you heal yourself). The second is to dig a little deeper into specific possibilities and optional remedies. Ultimately, physical manifestations are as a result of congested energy (emotions are energy in motion) or unresolved emotions that need to be healed.

Sessions are two hours in duration. 

Cost: $475

Future Sessions: $75/hr

Packages Available.

Some of the tools we may use:

Heart Brain Coherence Biofeedback Training:

This is by far, the most valuable of all knowledge to have, heart brain coherence. The HeartMath Institute has over 27 years of research outlining the benefits of living in coherence including;

  • decrease in depression, anxiety and sleeplessness,

  • increase in immune function, release of the youth hormone and cognition,

  • the ability to tap into intuition, on demand,

When an individual lives in coherence, the systems in their body operate optimally, they are able to make better decisions and they are able to be resilient before, during and after challenging events. This is the science of how we heal ourselves.

The science also shows, individuals living in this state, have the ability to use their intention and bring others into coherence - this is the science of how we help heal others. 

HeartMath has also joined with The Global Coherence Initiative, researching the effect Humanity has, on our environment. The research in quantum science is showing; when many Humans live in a state of coherence, we alter the quantum field and that energy, spreads globally, affecting all of consciousness. 

Biochemistry - Cell Salts

Humans are made up of 12 cells salts but each Human is also lack in 3. Using kinesiology, we are able to confirm which ones. I can attest, I do love these and highly recommend making them part of your medicine cabinet. 


Like acupuncture, sonopuncture uses the same principals but instead of needles, a weighted tuning fork is used to alleviate congested energy and bring cells into vibrational coherence. 

Aroma Therapy

Everything is energy, there is nothing else.  Different flowers vibrate at different frequencies. Emotions also vibrate at different frequencies. Using different combinations in a variety of ways, we may incorporate the most purest of oils available on Gaia, to balance out mental, physical and emotional energy.

Flower Essence Remedies

Like essential oils, flower essences are another gift given to Humans. Using different combinations to address a variety of emotions that could be out of harmony, flower essences are added to quartz crystal infused water, tuned to 528 Hz, intended to flood every cell in your body with goodness. 

In addition, I use the five cycles of creation remedies; fire, water, metal, Earth and wood to assist in creating energetic harmony and clarity. 

Tesla Violet Ray Device

Details coming soon.

Important Notice

Energy medicine works with the subtle energy fields in and around the body and is intended to encourage balance and coherence - ultimately, it is my belief that the power to improve ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self lays in the hands of the individual. You can expect to learn more about energy work so you can implement what works for you, into your daily practice.

From my perspective, energy medicine is secondary to energy psychology.  Finding the root cause of the energetic imbalance would be essential in sustaining energy alignments. 

Energy medicine is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner/doctor.