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Thank you so much for visiting! This is a call out to all the Empaths who are trying to find their way; your skills are needed. It is time to tune in and re-member. It is time to take your power back and fully step into who you came here to be. This perception shifting work - the knowledge will empower you, the tools will show you; just how powerful you really are. 

All About Me

While I was programmed to see this reality from a purely physical, limited, victim perspective, I much prefer viewing it from truth; everything is energy, Human consciousness influences "physical" reality and we are the Creators of it all. This is what I call; quantum reality. 

Most of my life I spent living in a 'programmed' version of reality. Like the 90% of other Humans, I lived on auto pilot, not aware of my thoughts and emotions.....I didn't know anything about being mindful. Even the though of meditating, my mind would say; 'there is no way I am sitting there for any length of time, doing nothing'. But then, in an instant, everything changed. 

Literally. Everything. And that was the start of the never ending evolution of self. 

I would consider myself a fulltime Researcher, a Teacher and a Lover of Humanity. I trained with The HeartMath Institute as a Coach as well as becoming a Psych-K Facilitator. Energy Medicine is the only way to go - it just. makes. sense. I use a variety of modalities that focus on the root cause of physical manifestations and teach others how to use the power of their mind, to influence the trillions of cells in their body.  Not only that, you can see it on a screen when your systems are in perfect harmony and when you are in coherence, you have the ability to shift others into coherence.....you can literally alter DNA. This is rocket science, it is easy to comprehend, empowering, game changing goodness. 

I see a world in fear but I also see solutions. Scientifically speaking, we already have the answers. Now we just need more Humans living them, more often. 





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