How did I get here?

For most of my life I lived in what I refer to as "the programmed version of reality". I taught in a variety of capacities, most of them funded by tax dollars. The most recent, I was a Self Employment Service Provider on behalf of the Ontario Disability Support Program, helping people with "disabilities" to become self reliant. Most of my clients were diagnosed with mental health concerns.

I am also a mom to a son with a physical disability - I have walked through this system both professionally and personally, working with all levels and all aspects involved and from my perspective, the systems we have allowed to be created, do not benefit humanity. Once I saw the truth of what was being done to the largest minority group in the world, I became a Full-Time Researcher. I see massive problems but I also see solutions so massive, they scientifically speaking, would change the world. 

Now I teach The Science of Mindfulness and the quantum version of this reality. Some of the training I have taken include;

HeartMath Coach 

Psych-K Facilitator

Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

I have been practicing energy medicine for many years, some of the modalities I use; biofield tuning, sonopuncture, aromatherapy, biochemistry, flower essences.


Everything I teach is based on energy, frequency and vibration because scientifically speaking, that is all there is - energy vibrating at different frequencies. 

Another area of research and training that I dove deep into is; childhood trauma and what I refer to as 'the world of the narcissists and the empaths' aka, the root of the problems we see within Humanity today.  One of the most transformational parts of my journey was comprehending what happened to me, how it changed me and how to heal and transform moving forward.

I would describe this work as a journey back to consciousness and I would go as far as to say, it is exactly what we are here to do.....to remember who we are and to create reality, deliberately. Mindfully. And I am here to show others the way.