It is the most famous equation on the planet and the premise of The Science of Mindfulness.  Everything you see is energy - including you.


This revolutionary work provides the knowledge that will have you empowered to use the tools that have the potential to not only change your life but the lives of those around you - socially and globally.

Science shows; we have the ability to heal ourselves, to help heal others and to influence the world around us.








In response to the craziness that is going on, new workshops are available and hosted on The Mindfulness Bus. 3 hour workshops for four or more (max 8 ppl) $50/pp

All workshops include biofeedback training so you can *see* on a screen when you are in heart brain coherence, also considered the 'ultimate physiological state'.

Mindfulness for Health
Learn everything you need to know to mindfully master your autonomic nervous system.

Everything Is Energy

Learn more about who we are on the quantum level and what we are capable of. Learn the science behind how we can heal ourselves and help heal others.

The Science of Intentions

Learn the scientific evidence that shows intentions are our 'superpower' and come prepared for a powerful, magical workshop where each participant will have the opportunity to use the energy of the group, to start manifesting your intention.

Energy Medicine

Learn the science behind energy medicine along with tools you can incorporate into your life.

Mindfulness For Kids

I can only imagine what life would have been like I had I learned The Science of Mindfulness - this workshop is ideal for any age and provides the fundamentals of mindfulness including tools for emotional intelligence.


For people who want to have #ConversationsThatMatter, this gathering is for those who are open to different perspectives of what has been going on that we are not being told about.

Optional Additions

Custom remedies - please note; a questionnaire will be sent prior to workshop for each participant.

Flower Essence Remedy - $12/person

Essential Oil Remedy - $12/person

If you would like to host a workshop for a group, please contact me for a quote.

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