The Science of Mindfulness

Quantum reality: it is the version of who we are at the very smallest measurement of existence and it paints a much different picture of this world we live in and what we are capable of.
Everything is energy and we are here to learn how to use it deliberately.

Over the years, I have compiled various modalities into a one-stop mind, body and soul practice.  Everything you will find here, boils down to one fact: everything is energy and we have the ability to influence energy and we do it with our thoughts and emotions. This is what I refer to as "quantum reality" whereby "physical" matter, in the strictest construct of the word, does not exist.

Workshops are jam packed with the science that is guaranteed to shift your perspective of who you are and this world we live in. Everyone is at different levels of knowing - part of my training is comprehending where you are and showing you the way to more. I call it the never ending evolution of self - the more you know, the more you grow.

I offer a quantum view of reality and will show you how everything is connected. I practice energy medicine and have and continue to incorporate tools and resources with this base foundations: everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. When energy is incoherent, so are we but we also have the ability to influence energy in a variety of ways - you can expect to learn everything I have come to know that is relevant to you. My intent is to empower you to tap into your inherent gifts - if not now, then when?

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