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Each of us was inherently born with the ability to heal ourselves, to help heal others and to influence the world around us.  Welcome to The Science of Mindfulness where we explore the quantum reality that we all live in and the extraordinary power of thoughts and emotions.

90% of society lives from their subconscious mind, 95-99% of the time. What does this mean? They are thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions day in and day out, operating on autopilot and creating the same life.

The quantum world paints a much different picture of how this reality works. The experiment that "broke reality" says; the Observer influences what we experience. You are the Observer and you create your reality with your thoughts and emotions. This work is about learning to think and feel, on purpose.

For over 25 years I served people with mental health concerns and the majority of those years, I worked on government contracts. It wasn't until I started to question everything that I saw a system that I could no longer contribute to.

Stress is the root cause of up to 90% of doctor visits and depression is the leading cause of disability and the current "solutions" are clearly not working. We have been taught to believe that we are powerless and a pill will do the trick - so why is depression only increasing? Statistics show; those who go on antidepressants are more than twice as likely to require long term disability - those pills may be beneficial in the short term but can worsen the progression over long term.

The Science of Mindfulness is intended to help clients by providing the scientific evidence of what humans are capable of and the tools to learn for yourself; just how powerful you really are.


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